Acta, Non Verba

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“Acta Non Verba” (Deeds Not Words) print, featuring François-Joseph Bosio’s “Hercules Fighting Achelous,” brings to life the enduring principle that deeds surpass words. It acts as a daily nudge towards the strength of persistence and tenacity, encouraging proactive efforts to surmount obstacles.

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François-Joseph Bosio

François-Joseph Bosio, a renowned Monegasque sculptor of the 19th century, is celebrated for his profound connection to classical culture and his ability to capture the essence of virtuous manhood in his works. Through his sculptures, Bosio revives the ancient tradition of exalting virtue, bravery, and ideal beauty, central elements of classical culture. Inspired by ancient myths and heroes, his works not only pay homage to classical aesthetics but also aim to evoke the timeless qualities of virtue and heroism in the viewer. Bosio, with his focus on figures like Hercules, manages to transcend time, providing a mirror in which modern man can see himself and aspire to the greatness and noble character that define the virtuous man according to classical ideals.

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